Vogue: Susanne Bartsch Talks Beauty and the Borough With the Best “Underground” Scene

“My work is my muse; I find immense inspiration in the beauty looks people turn [up in] when they come to my events,” said queen of New York City nightlife, Susanne Bartsch. Funny, seeing as the iconic host—known just as much for her club couture as she is for her epic fetes at the Copacabana—serves as an inspiration to so many. That list includes people like Thierry Mugler, who used Bartsch as a “guinea pig” for his best-selling fragrance Angel, a scent she never gets dressed without. “He tried three versions on me, and with the third one he said, ‘That’s the one.’ The others were too bubblegum-y, and then all of sudden, he came up with one that was just perrrrfect. I haven’t gotten tired of it.”