Bartschland Follies at the McKittrick Hotel Is Brilliant And Very NAUGHTY!

Nightlife queen Susanne Bartsch has done it again – this time bringing her very naughty midnight encounter Bartschland Follies to the McKittrick Hotel.

Hosted every Friday at the McKittrick’s, Bartschland Follies is the most brilliant New York cabaret.

A wood-paneled elevator operated by the most gorgeous young attendant takes you up inside the venue to a softly lit lounge with a beautiful array of personalities and maybe the most fun you will have in NYC without getting arrested! WARNING – the show is very XXX rated and contains full frontal nudity (by both men and women and everyone else) and is simply divine. It is never tacky or seedy but rather the ultimate in superior sexy taste.

Amanda Lepore, who performs regularly at Follies and has known Susanne for years, pointed out the taste level of this cabaret to OUT MAGAZINE!

“Susanne has always hired eclectic performers with different styles, and the taste level at Follies is so over the top, extravagant, and decadent,” she explains as she parts her painted scarlet lips to show her immaculate smile. “So come see us at the McKittrick Hotel, I promise you won’t believe it.”

But don’t trust Naughty Gossip, or Amanda – you must go yourself! We are still blushing and I promise you will be tooooooooo! WINK

For Bartschland Follies ticket information, please click here.