The New York Times: CRONICLES

Since fashion shows traditionally end with a model coming down the runway dressed as a bride, the 1,500 people in the audience of "Inspiration '95," a group show at the Manhattan Center on Tuesday evening, had no idea they were about to witness a real ceremony.

Then, SUSANNE BARTSCH, the downtown party promoter, and DAVID BARTON, the gym entrepreneur, appeared and took their vows before the Rev. ZACHARY JONES of the Unity Fellowship in Brooklyn.

"We didn't want a traditional wedding per se," said Ms. Bartsch,, who is seldom described as traditional. "After all, we've been living together for three years and have a 14-month-old baby. But neither did we want to go to a registry office. I decided that every runway show has a bride, so why don't I just run out there and get someone who can make it legal. I didn't tell anyone." ...